Maktech Chemicals

Intermediates Portfolio

Maktech’s broad spectrum of dye intermediates enables high-quality dyestuff for a variety of applications!

Para amino azo benzene– CAS 60-09-3
Ortho amino azo toluene– CAS 97-56-3
Para amino about benzene 3,4 disulfonic acid– CAS 101-50-8
Para phenylene diamine 2,5 disulfonic acid– CAS 7139-89-1
Para amino azo benzene monosulfonic acid– CAS 73-21-8
Carbazol– CAS 86-74-8
5-methyl 2-amino Benzamidazo– CAS 1622-57-7
2- amino benzonitrile– CAS 1885-29-6
Isatoic anhydride– CAS 118-48-9
Quinizarine– CAS 81-64-1
Methyl Anthranilate– CAS 85-91-6
Anthranilic acid– CAS 118-92-3
Di thio Salicylic Acid (D.T.S.A) (a.k.a. Dithio benzoic acid)– CAS 119-80-2
Di methyl anthranilic acid*- CAS 85-91-6
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