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About Us

Maktech Chemicals is all about its strong technical background, quality conscious mindset and customer-centric approach, which leads to many fruitful client relationships.

Our Mission

At Maktech Chemicals, we take pride in being able to provide colors to our clients that were traditionally not manufactured in India. Doing so helps us create better win-win situations for clients worldwide.

Our mission is to offer a superior range of colors and pigments while striving to retain high-quality standards for our clients and minimize environmental impact with responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted supplier for colorants and intermediates across FD&C applications in the world. To continue as a premium manufacturer of chemical dyes and pigments in India and beyond, we will keep our to focus on delivering innovative products to you, which meet the demands of a growing marketplace.

Our Values

Qualitative consistency for all products

3 manufacturing units with international standard facilities

Strict adherence to internationally standardized applications like US- FDA and REACH

Strong technical foundation

A robust technical, analytical & R&D experience spanning over 30 years

Application-centric approach

Just like you, we’re serving many prestigious clients across the globe including the USA, France,
Sweden, Germany, South Africa, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, and India

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